Butter 4 oz

-The perfect beard butter, pre-shave oil, post-shave moisturizer or body butter. It is gentle enough for the face and hands with enough depth to hydrate the feet. Reusable recyclable amber glass jar. -Ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, essential oils of vetiver, lavender & bergamont. -Aroma & Description: Musk Flower. Balanced. Real nice. High absorbancy. -Shea butter. comes from a tree nut whose origin and tradition are rooted in expansive regions of Africa. It's topical healing quality is undeniable, while grape seed oil is excellent for absorbency. -Indication: Use anywhere moisture is needed to return dry skin or hair to supple and hydrated.

Shave Gel 8 oz (Original Aroma & Anniversary 02 Aroma)

-Excellent for single blade use pre-shave or post shave relief. Bottle is glass and comes with a spray pump or a push pump. -Ingredients: Aloe vera, alcohol-free witch hazel, castor oil, konjac, citric acid, absorbate acid, potassium sorbate. _________Original Aroma & Description: Deep grounding musk. Clear medium viscous liquid. essential oils of vetiver, palo santo, tea tree. _________ "The Anniversary 02" Aroma & Description: Uplifting musk & clean. essential oils of clary sage, palo santo, tea tree Clear medium viscous liquid. __________ -Indication: Shake. Spray directly onto skin or into finger tips then onto desired area to be shaved or for post shave relief. Aloe Vera is a healing plant of Mexico and Texas whose common uses are a respected staple for soothing burns, skin irritations, shaving and much more.

Aftershave 8 oz

Effective no-burn skin cleaner, repair and balancing toner. Non-abrasive. -Ingredients: Alcohol-free Witch-hazel, aloe vera, essential oils of tea tree, vetiver, palo santo -Aroma & Description: Clean, citrus musk flower. The burn of common aftershaves comes from petrol alcohol which is abrasive and strips the the skins natural oils which can cause break outs. Indication: Shake very well. Spray liberally with closed eyes at close range to shaved areas; or spray liberally onto a paper towel to apply directly, gently. Balances ph, reduces rednesss, prevents shave bumps, stops bleeding.

Fragrance VS. Aroma

How can we be fragrance-free and still have an aroma?

FRAGRANCE is: lab created chemicals which are often irritants and allergins adversely affecting our lungs, skin, & sinus. The FDA use the word “fragrance”, “parfum”, or “parfum de toilette” in order to legally conceal the real ingredients of any given product in the name of protecting “trade secrets” instead of transparency for protecting public health.

Instead of FRAGRANCE:

We blended quality plant-based essential oils to create sweet aromas to relax and uplift the senses. The result is so nice.


Pomades coming soon.