Plant-Based Barber Essentials

High quality goods.

Toxic-free & Fragrance-free

Aroma: musk flower, fresh, calming, pleasant, inviting, clean, gender neutral, essential oil-based.

Effective & Harm-Free

Tested in the barbershop by professional barbers.

Environmentally Thoughtful

Reusable & recyclable glass jar with aluminum lid.

Small Batch Production

Made in Texas

Created From A Need

It's true what they say about innovation.
We create from a need.

Our Story

Aerosol-Free Clipper Disinfecting Spray

Aerosol isn't nice to our lungs or the planet, but we still need to clean and sanitize our tools at home and in the shop. Our solution is simple. Use a spray pump and remove toxic fragrance.

Talc-Free Dust

Talc is banned in the EU for a reason. Several lawsuits in the US forced J & J to finally stop selling talc-filled baby powder which is proven harmful to the reproductive system. Standard barber talc needs an alternative. We chose to substitute talc with a natural clay and remove toxic fragrance, for a dry and clean finish.

Butter : Hair & Skin

Our skin is our largest organ while our hair acts as a protective barrier between the outside, and the inside of the body. Dryness can take over with excessive washing and exposure to the elements. Our Butter absorbs deeply into the hair and skin effectively allowing for exceptional results. With a lite and calming aroma, daily application easily becomes ritual.

Our Approach

  • We aim to provide highly effective, plant-based, toxic-free, and environmentally aware products for all people. Our packaging has little to no plastic as much as we can help it.

We know that barbering is a male dominated industry and we are okay with that, however, our products are gender neutral in aroma and packaging in order to broaden our appeal and we love the result.