Plant-Based Barber Essentials

Meeting our needs without trashing our health or the planet.

Toxic-free & Fragrance-free

Aroma: musk flower, fresh, calming, pleasant, inviting, clean, gender neutral, essential oil-based.

Effective & Harm-Free

Tested in the barbershop by professional barbers.

Environmentally Thoughtful

Reusable & recyclable glass jar with aluminum lid.

Small Batch Production

Made in Texas

Created From A Need

It's true what they say about innovation.
We create from a need.

Our Story

Aerosol-Free Clipper Disinfecting Spray

Aerosol isn't nice to our lungs or the planet.

Talc-Free Dust

Talc is banned in the EU for a reason. Several lawsuits in the US forced J & J to finally stop selling talc-filled baby powder which is proven harmful to the reproductive system.

Quality Cuts & Shaves Using Lowkey HiQ

Clean. Considerate. Sharp.

Your Approach To The World You Serve

Is your personal health and your effect on the planet in the equation?